Dometic Helper Insurance

Dometic HelperWhen your helper gets hurt

Your domestic helper MUST be insured as legally required under the Employee's Compensation Ordinance. Your domestic helper should be
insured throughout her term of employment.

There are two kinds of insurance cover that you can choose for your helper:

a) An Employees' Compensation Insurance that covers ONLY compensation that the policy holder is legally liable to pay as an employer to his/her employee for his/her bodily injury by accident or disease arising out of and in the course of employment.

b) A Domestic Helper Insurance is an insurance package specially designed product that includes an Employees' Compensation Insurance cover and some other optional insurance for (expenses like in-out patient, hospitalization & surgical, dental, personal accident, repatriation … etc., depending on each insurer's package) that the employer may want to get cover in course of employment of a domestic helper and have total peace of mind.

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